Ordering this template will include: (The option to print an output similar to the example)
  • A template setup in B2 poster size (50 x 70,7 cm).
  • White background.
  • 1 horisontal image holder (1:1.5).
  • 3 header fields.
  • 3 text fields based on max. 100 characters.
  • Fields for amount and price options.
  • 1 field for highlight text.
  • Date and PLU fields.
We recommend that you include our 'Service & Support To Go' package when you order templates.
Our 'Service & Support To Go' package covers 2,5 hours for:
  • Installation and settings of the template(s) on one pc.
  • Setting of links and references in the database.
  • Connecting and testing of printers.
  • A personal introduction on how to use the new functionality.
  • A short step-by-step guide, to make sure you will be settled to print you own posters and signs.
If time for installation and support unlikely exceeds 2,5 hours, additional hours can be requested at 75 € per hour. We also offer an option to sign up for ongoing support.
  • We need your logo in an .ai or .eps format. Your graphical designer would have those formats. If not, please add a note to us.
  • You need to have the supporting Bizerba module activated. If you like us to contact Bizerba for you, please add it in a note.
  • If you prefer a change to the default colors the prices is 50 € per color per template.
  • For any other requirements please let us know.
  1. When you have submitted your order, we will check and get back to you, if any questions.
  2. Send us your logo by email or via ‘we transfer’.
  3. We prepare your chosen templates for programmering with logo and specifications.
  4. We send you a pdf of each template for approval.
  5. When templates have been approved, we will develop your programming package in .CWS.
  6. When programming is done, we will contact you.
  7. If you ordered our 'Service & Support To Go' we upload your final template package into your .CWS solution via Teamviewer.
  8. We make sure links and references are set, printers are connected and together we test that everything works properly.
  9. We give you a personal introduction on the new functionality.