Learning by doing

The starting point for the development of flexible print solutions was Sørens demand for a professional look and feel solution for his butcher shop. Although he had been working a lot with the many great options and is a super user when it comes to Bizerba programming and technical settings, he could not get the layout to look professional.

Sørens sister is specialised in Marketing and Concept development, and Søren asked her for help to find a way to combine a professional layout with the settings and programming options in .CWS.

This was the starting point of the concept development – more challenging that ever imagined and looking back, with an incredible amount of hours spend trying to match what we were aiming for. But step by step we managed to find a way to match what we wanted – A scalable professional layout, which is flexible and saves and incredible timesaving. It completes the potential of an integrated Bizerba solution.

Søren being a butcher is also the reason why many of our templates are set up with image and text examples related to a danish butcher store. But this is just to show the visual examples. It does not matter whether you sell meat, fish or bread and also not which language you prefer.

If you have a Bizerba .CWS Scale solution and a need to quickly be able to print posters and signs, you will gain the same great advantages of having a package of our professional templates installed.


We are here to help with any kind of questions you might have in regards to options with templates for Bizerba Scale solutions.

We speak and read danish,
english and german.

Please give us a call +45 2026 4370 or send us mail on: info@aretailconcept.com, and we will get back to you shortly.

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Søren Friis,
Butcher and owner, Slagter Friis ApS, Copenhagen and A Retail Concept ApS.

+45 2026 4370  |  info@aretailconcept.com

Tine Friis,
Marketing Consultant and owner Friis & partnere ApS, A Cup of Marketing ApS and A Retail Concept ApS.

+45 2196 7073  |  info@aretailconcept.com